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Blue Diamond Great Dane V. Fan Tan Great Dane
Saturday, 31 March 2018
Good Friday on Saturday
Topic: March 26, 2018

So, if anyone is still reading my blog, you know that in the past couple of days I happened upon one of my images being used in another blog and the blogger is telling people to go ahead and download the graphics, making it appear they are his.  Well as a follow up to my search to contact this person on the various social media sites he belongs too, I tried to search the name on Pinterest because I have an account there, and found yet another person who has uploaded the same Four Danes of the Apopcalypse on her website for freewallpapers.  

The problem has morphed once again.  From the dates on the photo image on the Wallpapers of Your Dreams website which I linked into from Pinterest, the image has been on the site for over a year being uploaded March 3, 2017.  I tried to find information on who owns that website using Arin WhoIs data base but am coming up empty.

I contacted Pinterest last night and requested that they removed the image.  In fact, I did give permission for my photos to be used in Pinterest only so this person breached the rules I set down years ago about my photo boards.

This is only on the dogs, I have pinners pinning my other photos of scenery along Big Sur coastline, and my trains from the Sugar Pine Railroad which is just up the highway from me.  They liked my steam train photos and the Jenny Lin photo, and of Mel's in Visalia, and a few other buildings in Tulare County I have taken photos of when I lived down there.  The Tule River is another one of their favorites. So my search for my images on the internet is just begining with the puppies and doggins, and I have a lot of other photos that are probably in search engines, and which are not linked back to my page.

This new wallpaper photo person has actually removed my copyright from the photograph, or saw it when the litter was first whelped back in 2003-4.  I uploaded it to both the Fan Tan Dane website and the Blue Diamond Great Dane Site when the litter was being sold, so I don't recall if I had the copyright on the photo back then, as I was advertising the litter for sale, and also because I was keeping people I had under contract updated on the puppies growth progess using photographs.

They say many hands make light work, I think I was told that by people who used to be in 4H clubs, well when I was showing horses etc. I helped out with a lot of physical chores at many ag related functions, now there are only my two hands which is doing all the work, and really, the Blue Diamond Website and the Fantandane website were always done with just my two hands, and people have the nerve to take my images and make money for themselves using my work product. It has something to do with clicking on an image and they get a small percent money for each click and then I presume they get paid. The problem is that those images that are attracting people to click on the images are My Copyrighted Material, and I have received nothing from my images except more work trying to locate and have the material photos removed.  I don't owe anyone a living! It is my work which has spanned at least 25-30 years of photography.  I paid for the film, the camera, the development of the photos at Cardons Camera in Porterville or at Horn's here in Fresno to get the photos developed.

I guess one saving Grace is that I didn't upload all of my photos to the internet because two hands and a lot of extra chores around here along with dealing with personal and private business using a scanner and AdobePhotoshop takes up a lot of time.

In fact I have never set up another Hoof Prints Equine Photography since 2001.  That is another long story which I will not go into that revolves around my Cal. State University Fresno, usenet newsreader account.

So I will be on the hunt for a long time, and I will find a way to contact these persons.

The original person I tried to contact, also claims to be on Facebook, I am on facebook so I sent him a notification and a friend request to which he has not responded, and since he mentioned the other blue diamond kennel in michigan in his wordpress document, I contacted Tamara, who wrote me back telling me she also was having problems using his email system on his wordpress site.




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Monday, 26 March 2018
The Dilemma of the illicit Graphic User

I have just been going over my past blog posts to the begining of this blog.

I noted, i was using Holly Jolly as a voice for the pieces I was writing, then I took an almost 4 year break on writing the blog. 

Did the man think I had gone away and then decided that he could automatically claim my photos as his own? 

If that is why he thought he could claim the photos as 'his graphic's' maybe he should have checked first using the email address listed on this website. Whatever, I will be looking into the matter further but it is just another thing added to my already full calendar of things to juggle and work around in my own personal schedule.  I really do not need other people adding more things to my schedule, I have enough to do without the unnecessary addition of ? [ whatever you want to call them, go ahead.] making more work for me to do.


The truth is that I was kept very busy with personal and private things for several years and trying to juggle things was almost impossible, something had to give, and it was the blog.

My mother was in the hospital for over 8 weeks in 2015 with a head injury.  It was the trauma unit at the local hospital, and the staff there did a very good job of getting her to the point where she could swallow food after being intubated.  What a process that is.


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Blue Diamond finding stolen images on the internet.
Now Playing: Stolen Images found. Copyright infringement and false advertising.
Topic: March 26, 2018

So Periodically I decide to run a computer search on my kennel names and other cyberspace identies using various search engines on the internet.  Yesterday I ran one on Google and found a page that is using a partial of my name, with my copyrighted photos of the dane pups I have taken on 35 mm film.  The man is using Wordpress, and is inviting people to download graphics as if he owns them.  I tried to contact him via the link wordpress provided on his site, I also looked at the link where they account for money received and was told I could not send the email then, and to try and send it later.  Well I tried to send it later, still email would not go through to him so I could let him know he did not have permission to use copyrighted material on his blog/website using my images and a partial of my name Blue Diamond Great Dane V.  I then decided to run ARIN WhoIs and the man lives in Sweden.  He also states that you can find him on social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram.  I found the name using google.  He includes in his blog the name of Tamara Curtis, of mibluediamondgreatdanes in Michigan.  She raises Harlequins and Merles, which are not to be crossed with other bloodlines from the other Great Dane Color Groups per The Great Dane of America Club standards. So this man, by associating my name with hers is really not good for her, plus his creation of other problems for me by using my images. Read On! Not many people know this but Tamara Curtis or her husband and I have crossed wires on Usenet in the very distant past. They were in several newsgroup forums and for some reason she became a subject of QuackWatch which was being run by a Dr. Barrett. [sp].  So this man, is not only inviting people to download my images, but is really bugging me because of the 'false advertising' by telling people to use His Graphics, that he found on the interent, which have the Embeded HoofPrintsEquinePhotography Copyright on the image from my Adobe Photoshop Program. I am not sure how to go about contacting him, I tried to notify Twitter about the man and report him, but they want you to give them your Cell/Mobile Phone number so you can receive SMS and Texts messages. Guess what, that will never happen. It is like they are inviting you to receive Spam messages on your cell phone just to use their service and report one of their tweeters. Of course I had already given them my email address, so they have that portion, but the account has never really been completely set up because of them wanting my mobile cell phone number.  According to their rules, what this man is doing with my images is wrong, and is a violation of their terms of service, yet, because I refuse to give them anymore information on me like my cell phone number so I can avoid further violations to my name and reputation from cyberspace junkies etc. I guess I don't get to report the man for violating their terms of service using my images and a partial of my name. To compound the problem further I am clueless about Instagram and other social networks and have never tried to join them. The situation regarding sales of puppies in Calif and animals is dicey, there is a new law in Calif that states that if you buy a pet from a Pet Store, they have to buy the pups and dogs from a bonafide Rescue Organization.  Or close, I haven't really read the new law because it doesn't affect me now that I am no longer breeding and really in the Past since I never used a Pet Store to sell puppies.  My other beef is with the Adopt Don't Shop crowd who continually beg for money for their rescues groups on social media, so and so needs money for veterinarian care, or for surgery and they do not include an IRS Non Profit ID number in thier pleas.  Frankly, as a breeder, I paid for the food, medical care etc out of pocket and didn't BEG for money.  It is like they have become the New Puppy Millers only they beg. They also do not understand the difference between them and Breeders, Breeders like their own Bloodlines, they select their stock because the dog or bitch they are breeding too has certain qualities which they want in their bloodlines.  Adopt Don't Shop people will never understand that breeders are a more select group, who have done their homework and are not just breeding for pet's etc.  and are PICKEY about their dogs. Enough for today, I have to find a way to contact this man, and apparently I screwed up my email to google ad sense because I have not heard back from them yet and I sent them and email yesterday afternoon.  I also don't know how to use screenshot so maybe that is why I didn't hear from them, I know the email addies are working because I sent myself three Test emails to the accounts associated with Blue Diamond Great Dane V. Fantan.  It would be nice to be able to go back to a simplier time, and only write my blog about how well my puppies were growing from birth to being sold, but those days have ended for me.  Take Care, Lynne M. Lyons

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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Now Playing: Todays Date

The summer is swealtering here in the San Joaquin Valley. I had my AC looked at back on June 13, 2014 and within a week it gave out, so I am going it in the house without AC.  The total cost of that repair including the Freon, stop leak, some kit for the compressor cost me $776.45 cash/check.  So I have prioritized my spending as I have an even higher priority to deal with.

I will be putting Skylar down along with her half sister Grace as soon as I am able. They are both ten, well Grace is a little over ten and Sklyar will be ten on July 19, 2014.

Last year I put down my old mare Henrietta who was 29 years old.  The youngest horse I have on my place now is WA Mira who is 22 years old.  His sister Gems Melania was just diagnosed with Cushings diesease and has laminitis. The blonde palomino is somewhere close in age to Melania who was foaled in February 1988.  At any rate, I am also getting old.  I have had Whinney the Pooh or Melania since she was 5 months old and I bought her with her Dam Henrietta when Henri was 4 years old.  We had some great times together me and Henri.  I miss her.  I used to ride her to the Porterville Horse Arena when I first brought her home as I did not have a trailer back then, and we took a horse class from Odette Larson who taught at Porterville Community College.  I never took her to Cal State Fresno University back in the 90s when I was in college, instead I took Whinney.

Whinney has quite a few blue ribbons in Trail, Western Pleasure etc. as does her brother Mira.

So I have had a lot of loss, but that is what happens when we age.

I am still in pain from my fall back on Dec. 5, 2006 when I slipped and fell getting Missy Blue to the Vet who ended up putting her down.  I am unable to ride because of my lower back pain.  I would get on the gravity invertor table, but the last time I did that, I really pulled my lower back out and ended up at the Chiroprators, who couldnt' fix it, a neurologist who ordered physical therapy an MRI and referred me to a back surgeon.  I went to all the appointments, necessary to have the surgery done in 2010 including the heart specialist but some how when I changed my primary physician to a doctor closer to my home, my paperwork got lost at the primary's end. Nothing was faxed or mailed to the back surgeon to release me, except for the heart surgeons report that I was clear for surgery. 

Oh well. 


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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Topic: Todays Date, Dec. 4, 2013

I just checked into my Fan Tan Dane Website to look for my old amazon bookstore that used to be a part of that site back in the 1990's.  It was gone, I guess I deleted it at some time during the 1990's.

I decided to surf the webring websites that I used to belong too so many years ago. Many are still up and running.  I have forgotten my webring id, and no longer use it so I have also forgotten my password.  They should have sent me an email but instead, they said I am no longer a member, funny because I still get emails to rejoin the webring.  Whatever.  I took a look at some of the websites in the working dog webring and it looks like at least one of those people have been cyberattacked by animal rights activists. I say this because like this website, they are displaying the message that their dogs are not attack dogs. That is another one of my gripes about the millenium. 

I am going to predict that Great Danes will be wiped off the face of the earth not unlike their ancestors were back in WWI and WWII when bloodstock was wiped off the map in Germany. This included one Blue Dane Stud in Germany. The Great Dane survived however, and the bloodstock replenished with stock from the countries that had great dane blood to share with the rest of the world.

Just a prediction, and I really need to find out what the https is and how I can add it to my site.  I am still using html, not java, nor css, or shtml because of the active filters that are used to track or trace. Or maybe I misunderstood their use back when I created these two websites.


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Sunday, 8 July 2012

I have not been blogging, my last entry was in February. The male puppy I was blogging about had to be put down at the Vets office. I have not yet reported it to AKC on his papers.

Then his sister who I was calling Angel and who is photographed Leaping into the New Year was put down at the local Veterinary Emergency Hospital.

I have to check the exact date from either my credit card records or from the Vet's office receipt.

I learned too late about dog treats on ABC Investigative Reports about poisoned Dog Treats.

I was using them for training the pups, and had no clue that this was still an issue because I am not networking with mailing lists or online anything dog related.  I thought it was weird that the pups that were getting sick were the same ones that I had prominently displayed their photos trying to sell them, I guess I was wrong.

It is hard to lose a pup and it certainly was looking suspicious, so since I was invited back to the Great Dane Webring, which I have decided not to network with again, I posted the names of a few people that are no longer in my life and have not been in my life since the mid-nineties.

One of them was introduced to me by a friend of my deceased husband Tony, John Frazier.  Frazier and I knew each other since 1969 about the same time I met my husband.  His sister lives in the Prather area. Because of a lot of personal reasons, in 1989, and later, he and I are no longer friends. I wrote him a handwritten letter in around 1996 letting him know I did not wish to be contacted by him again. The word from the old group of friends was that he was angry about my letter, oh well, can't help that, so it was weird when in March of 2008 one of his friends contacted me about him and where he was living, and then he sent me an email on April 18, 2011.  I thought I had made myself clear to the man, I guess I didn't. So I had to call another friend from Orange County Calif. and ask him to make it very clear, that I no longer wanted to hear from Frazier.  He had already known this, from the mid 1990's but it never hurts to ask for a friends help in getting the message across again.

Frazier and his family had known my husband since Tony was 8 years old. They grew up together in Costa Mesa. Frazier is a couple of years older then my husband, and so he knew him longer. In his email, he told me he was moving to the Santa Maria area after finding out where his old landlady Syd lived.  I thought to myself, oh my, Syd has had a lapse of memory. Whatever, I really have not seen Syd since the late 1970's.

I am telling you this now, because for years and years I had not given them a passing thought and found several knives sticking out of my back.  Most of it was orginating from the local area, and the man that Frazier had introduced me too still lives in this area.  In fact I should have gone with my gut instinct about the man he introdueced me too back in 1988, but when they moved in together after Tony died, and I was calling Frazier on the phone, John T. Baker and I began talking to one another. I halfway changed my mind, and then changed it back in late Sept. 1989 after going for a visit to the southland, and going out to a hot spot for a bit where I used to go after work or to watch improv. The name of the place was Bilbos. They got angry with me and another girl who lived down there, and when I tried to leave, they detained me by playing keep away with my car keys so I could not leave and return to Porterville alone. Well the other girl did not participate, I was going to stay at her house and then leave the next morning without Baker. So that is really about the last time I wanted anything to do with him, but because of circumstances, I was stuck for another 5 years with a jerk with combat ptsd. The jerk is or was involved with the local area vets group from Fresno, and for some damn reason they kept telephoning my home wanting me to come in and speak to his psychiatrist. I was counselled not to do so, but as I had changed my telephone number at least 5 times, and they kept calling me on the new phone numbers, I went to find out how they were getting my new unlisted phone number. That was in 1995.  I was still in contact with Frazier, so I gather they were giving the phone number to their friend Baker who was giving it to the VA.

Then because no one listens to me, or respects the fact that I wanted nothing to do with certain people, it appears they have been able to smile in peoples faces, who are more than willing to pass along information about me to people I have cut out of my life altogether. Frazier's big mantra was the fastest way to pass along information is, Telephone, Telegraph and Tell-a-woman, but honestly he is in denial about the last one, it should be Tell-A-Man!

His other Mantra is never say Never, which is really scarey, since I have told him Never in writing and over 15 years later he seems to think I have forgotten the whole incidents and that is a plural, or I must be a  bobble head. He had been on my bad side while I was married, ask Syd if you ever meet her, and I am certain he knew that, but because when you are married, you can't accessorize your friends, you wind up doing damage control. I no longer have the need to do damage control, and therefore that part of my past is way over. Had he not attempted to contact me in email again, I wouldn't be writing this, but apparently he is one of those hard headed types that you just are not allowed to say no too..... That right there shows me that there is a lack of respect between he and I and that my decision to disassociate my self from my husbands friend was the right choice. And if you are a psychology major, please remember that there is a whole lot of vocabulary that applies to simple words on a page or in speech other than those related to a psychological term. And that is true of every profession whose language overlaps and use the same terminology, but the terminology means something entirely different based on what profession you are in.

The fact is that they believe that it takes a village to raise a child, and I spent most of my child's life protecting her from that village of idiots because of their philosophy and lifestyles. I am not the only one of their friends to do this either, there are others who disagree with thier playground and parenting style.

Another thing I have been doing is working on my ancestry tree at It is amazing to find documents on my relatives on the East Coast on my mother's side and documents from Sonoma County that I had forgotten.


I am planning on moving, just to avoid, yes there is the avoidence word, people from my past that will take any contact whatsoever and unbeknownest to me, as an invite to contact me as I have never held the premise to hold your friends close and your enemies closer. It is just easier for me to move away, because there will always be some reporter reporting things that they think they know, or think they have an in depth grapse on my life, when the truth is, I rarely spoke of them. So the reporters are not doing me any favors by reporting, it is a complete disservice and disrespectful of me and my privacy. In other words, because I remained silent for so long, about the reasons why, and you still have no clue of each incident that has taken place over the years since I left Fresno Area in 1968 and anywhere else I lived unless really pushed and pressured from real life circumstances stfu.

Not all playgrounds for children or even adults are acceptable to me, but that is my perogative.

Just because I joined clubs, or know names of people from places I lived, or went to school, or worked with, or who knew me when I was married, doesn't mean we were close, it means we were acquaintences, that is all it means. And if I knew you from a very long time ago, and no longer speak to you, it is because we have gone our seperate ways and have changed.

One I have learned is that I am not a Mind Reader, No one is a Mind Reader, and I don't have a crystal Ball to gaze into and no one I know on earth had a crystal ball to tell them the past, present or future.

I do or did have one friend who needs translator for the IChing to understand it, but honestly, all you need to know is how to read the book, and the translation is interpreted the same way that you read the hexagrams. But whatever, she has also been out of my life for a very long time, after taking a bit of advice from one of her exes years ago and I mean years ago, and applying it to me. She is another one, who does not listen, resents the privacy manager on my phone line, and refuses to understand the reason why I use it. And that is even after her husband recorded a voice message on my answering machine for me in 1995. There just is a general lack of respect for each other, if it even existed to begin with. When we were roommates, she snuck into my bedroom through a tiny window to borrow some of my clothes. There were three or four girls sharing a house, and we kept our bedrooms padlocked, but she had to sneak through my window to take one of my dresses.


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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sent DNA samples on Skylar and TJ last week. I am in the process of using DNA registration on my dogs. AKC will only DNA the dogs if they are registered.

Frankly back in 2008 and begining of 2009 there were three litters of great danes in the local newspapers. One was a woman with blues who lives in the mountains here in Madera or Fresno County, the other was a litter of fawns {?] in Tulare County and the other was a litter of half great dane/Irish Wolfhounds. I don't have a clue what is in the local papers here as of today's date,  I do know that the woman in the mountains frequently advertises her great danes with and without papers. She has many great danes, not all blues, I believe she also advertises harlequins and mantles. I ran a check on the name of the sire she gave me at AKC as a dog of interest. He is quite old if it is the same dog, and she has many dogs registered with different colors. I am not going to mention the kennel name but it has been around for quite some time. There is also a blue breeder down in Kings County area, I have seen their ads listed in the AKC classifieds.

So I have gone to the mattresses and have been doing DNA on my dogs. I know for a fact I have never personally sold a dog to this woman or I would have had it in my record books. I did sell a puppy back in 2002 to a partner of hers, and of course in the Arabian Horse club that I  used to be in, there was a woman whose Aunt raises and breeds Great Danes. I wasn't breeding Max back then, so I never caught the name of this past club members Aunt and I didn't ask her for the name. I do know that even back in 93, she didn't like my Max and was bragging on her Aunt's dogs. This is one reason why I no longer do clubs, and it is also a reason why I don't hold my enemies close like some folks do. I mean why bother with that type of socialization, because after showing me true colors over and over and over again, you just decide that these personality types need to be avoided. It is a shame that I had a litter of puppies at this time. It wasn't planned and as I have only had two litters of pups including this one from 2011 since 2004, and since for the most part, since I avoid people whose need to police others goes against my own personal beliefs, I am having difficulty with micro managers, working against me. NOt only of the puppies but in other areas of my life where they seem to think they can stir things up, and reopen cases, or even non cases for me to deal with because they just can't stop policing others. I am speaking of a soon to be defendant who got wrangled into calling here unbeknownest to them about a matter that had been resolved over a year ago. And it wasn't my matter to resolve, which is why they are now on the fast track to becoming a defendant. Oh well !

I wish I had not deleted my Fantandane blog but I am sure I still have emails and phone bills on just 'one' incident that occured a few years ago.

I also just noticed that my gmail account has been holding onto some photos I took on my cell phone and then sent to myself so I could send to potential buyers on request. I pulled up the photo on my desktop, and a windows fax photo viewer also pulled up, I tried to browse the photo and it was really weird. It had photos of an arabian horse doing the Tevis Cup, a couple of Vitamins I had been searching for on the internet and ordered, and some other stuff that has nothing to do with me, or does. It was really weird, I had recently been to AKC, the vitamins were the weirdest of all because I had searched for those last week. I had to release it from my quarantine folder just to receive the photos, and google has been slowly sending me the photos I want to save. I guess it might be a worm. I remember a couple of weeks ago, a woman telephoned me about the pups, I sent her a video, she said she received it, and tried to come here to see the pups, but that my album was propagating. So someone is seriously trying to work against my efforts. Hey, do you think that if they think it is ok to confront people in pet stores who crop their dogs ears, that they would push the envelope this far? Another new thing is back in 2008 when I advertised in a Santa Barbara Newspaper, the paper had to confirm that I had a litter, someone or some organization was placing ads claiming to have a litter of pups and then scamming buyers. Another scam that has been reported on websites that advertise dogs is where they try to get you to cash a cashiers check or other using your money for more than the amount of the deposit or price of the dog. I think that there are a few organization that might take things this far, especially if they save the lobsters for instance!

In the news the other day, someone if campaigning for the use of computer generated chimps in movies because the use of animals is considered barbaric or whatever they said. Something to do with cages etc. I wonder what they think of Zoos... Or maybe I already know, maybe the young man who fell into a tiger's pen, I forget what animal pen he fell into, and died or nearly died a few years ago may be an oout of work computer graphic genius using what he knows about these extremists to his advantage, again a means to an end and this one has a dual agenda or only one agenda out of work, but using a cause to make a case.  I don't know, I sat on a jury one time and got accused of having a criminal mind by a woman whose brother was a police officer of close.

Signing off.



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Monday, 16 January 2012

The litter is a bit smaller. Our brother got ahold of something and had to be put down. It has been reported to AKC and so his litter application is no longer available.

We have had 4 shots, and only need one more DHLPP shot to complete the series.

 We are doing great on housebreaking although we do need a puppy proof house because we are exploring.  Everyone is into Fluff Mania !! Even Great Grandpa has been Fluffing the couch, and a large pillow got fluff mania'd in the middle of the night along with our doggie bed. Everyday I am cleaning fluff off the floor.

I have been busy keeping updated at MedScape on several interesting subjects and have passed with flying colors, the certificates are in the mail. I don't know how many more hours I need at this point in time to get in my 30 hours.

Also have been busy researching several other subjects which hopefully will not need to be filed.  I already have another form to send to AG here in California about a matter that they had already been informed of back in Nov. 2010.  I didn't open up a file on this problem back then, wish I had but I do have the returned letter from the DOJ and that is included in this new complaint. It has to do with something that I am not even a party to, I just inherited someone's phone number, and for some reason, the people even after being written a letter or whatever the DOJ does keeps passing it off to other people. This last one laughed about me asking who Receive Service of Process they didn't know. And then when I asked what prefix they were listed in, it isn't listed in the phone book they laughed again. Then I said after they couldn't tell me who receives service of process for thier business, no worries, AG will have that on file. They said more or less "Good Luck getting the name" Ok, I am sure the DOJ will have it as their name is listed in the new complaint. So right back ATCHA !! and Good luck when I file for restitution in Ct.


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Friday, 30 December 2011

It is almost 2012. Hard to believe I will again be fumbling over dates on checks etc and writing down the wrong year.  I guess this why they created bank cards.

The puppies are doing well. The girls are seperated at night from one another in seperate pens. One male is doing exceptionally well and is sitting and staying until he gets his treat.  The girls are a little more impatient. They seem to recognize the differences in collars too.  There are a couple of times they have gone after the odd color collar wearer.  I have seen this in horses when I lived on my friends ranch years ago.  One pasture had all white horses in it and at feeding time they would run off the next one from the hay according to age.  The eldest mare ate from every other horses flake of hay and then went back to the front of the line where the first flake had been thrown. Then a bay mare was run into the pasture and they wouldn't let her eat at all. They kept running her off of her hay so she was moved out of the pasture and back into another area.

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Monday, 26 December 2011

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For those of you who read this blog, and I am hoping it is very few.  I had a very quiet Christmas. You see, I lost my family members in a series of Train Wrecks begining in 1988. It has been one train wreck after another and now they are all gone. This is a good thing, because train wrecks are always messy.  People like to pull out their crystal ball and tarot cards and pretend they are mind readers. They throw suggestions at you and try to 'fix' things. They are generally in support groups and frankly that is exactly where they belong, in support groups where like minded individuals can wreck each other trains by derailing members of the support group with helpful insightful suggestions about the other support group members problems. This is ok, if they are in the same shoes, but generally no one walks in the same shoes or even on the same track, support groups are not multi-support, they only support one thing and neglect or forget that other people's circumstances are not like theirs based on demographics, socio economics, politics, education including number of years in school K-12, AA degrees, or BA/BS, Masters, or Doctorates,  majors or minors of course work studied and of course esthetics about dogs.

We did have a quiet Christmas. Optemus is doing well, and I will get to see him next Friday when his owner brings him by for his next shot. The pups think they are guard dogs now. One little pack of do not enter into our property. They watched the yardman clean up and followed him around. Another cousin of his told the girls to 'listen' and they listened and then sat. I was amazed because the boys are the ones listening to me not the girls. they are growing every day and while we are not Optemus, they are big. I tried to put my forfinger and thumb around one of the males wrists and I couldn't touch so their wrists are bigger then 6" around.  I haven't weighed them lately, they are very heavy and hard to pick up.  They love the barn, and are exploring every inch of it.  They like the rice bran I feed the horses and I am using the tiny bite size pieces to train them to sit.  I know this is a strange blog and not at all about the puppies, which isn't good, but, that is life. When someone emails me to as me if I will take 700.00 off the price of a puppy, and then gets huffy about it, and finally tells me in a half sobbing way that they put a deposit down with a breeder who breeds many different colors of danes, and has lots of puppies each year but that for the price the emailer offered they don't get a choice of sex, color or whatever, I think something is fishy.


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