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Blue Diamond Great Dane V. Fan Tan Great Dane
Saturday, 31 March 2018
Good Friday on Saturday
Topic: March 26, 2018

So, if anyone is still reading my blog, you know that in the past couple of days I happened upon one of my images being used in another blog and the blogger is telling people to go ahead and download the graphics, making it appear they are his.  Well as a follow up to my search to contact this person on the various social media sites he belongs too, I tried to search the name on Pinterest because I have an account there, and found yet another person who has uploaded the same Four Danes of the Apopcalypse on her website for freewallpapers.  

The problem has morphed once again.  From the dates on the photo image on the Wallpapers of Your Dreams website which I linked into from Pinterest, the image has been on the site for over a year being uploaded March 3, 2017.  I tried to find information on who owns that website using Arin WhoIs data base but am coming up empty.

I contacted Pinterest last night and requested that they removed the image.  In fact, I did give permission for my photos to be used in Pinterest only so this person breached the rules I set down years ago about my photo boards.

This is only on the dogs, I have pinners pinning my other photos of scenery along Big Sur coastline, and my trains from the Sugar Pine Railroad which is just up the highway from me.  They liked my steam train photos and the Jenny Lin photo, and of Mel's in Visalia, and a few other buildings in Tulare County I have taken photos of when I lived down there.  The Tule River is another one of their favorites. So my search for my images on the internet is just begining with the puppies and doggins, and I have a lot of other photos that are probably in search engines, and which are not linked back to my page.

This new wallpaper photo person has actually removed my copyright from the photograph, or saw it when the litter was first whelped back in 2003-4.  I uploaded it to both the Fan Tan Dane website and the Blue Diamond Great Dane Site when the litter was being sold, so I don't recall if I had the copyright on the photo back then, as I was advertising the litter for sale, and also because I was keeping people I had under contract updated on the puppies growth progess using photographs.

They say many hands make light work, I think I was told that by people who used to be in 4H clubs, well when I was showing horses etc. I helped out with a lot of physical chores at many ag related functions, now there are only my two hands which is doing all the work, and really, the Blue Diamond Website and the Fantandane website were always done with just my two hands, and people have the nerve to take my images and make money for themselves using my work product. It has something to do with clicking on an image and they get a small percent money for each click and then I presume they get paid. The problem is that those images that are attracting people to click on the images are My Copyrighted Material, and I have received nothing from my images except more work trying to locate and have the material photos removed.  I don't owe anyone a living! It is my work which has spanned at least 25-30 years of photography.  I paid for the film, the camera, the development of the photos at Cardons Camera in Porterville or at Horn's here in Fresno to get the photos developed.

I guess one saving Grace is that I didn't upload all of my photos to the internet because two hands and a lot of extra chores around here along with dealing with personal and private business using a scanner and AdobePhotoshop takes up a lot of time.

In fact I have never set up another Hoof Prints Equine Photography since 2001.  That is another long story which I will not go into that revolves around my Cal. State University Fresno, usenet newsreader account.

So I will be on the hunt for a long time, and I will find a way to contact these persons.

The original person I tried to contact, also claims to be on Facebook, I am on facebook so I sent him a notification and a friend request to which he has not responded, and since he mentioned the other blue diamond kennel in michigan in his wordpress document, I contacted Tamara, who wrote me back telling me she also was having problems using his email system on his wordpress site.




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