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Blue Diamond Great Dane V. Fan Tan Great Dane
Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sent DNA samples on Skylar and TJ last week. I am in the process of using DNA registration on my dogs. AKC will only DNA the dogs if they are registered.

Frankly back in 2008 and begining of 2009 there were three litters of great danes in the local newspapers. One was a woman with blues who lives in the mountains here in Madera or Fresno County, the other was a litter of fawns {?] in Tulare County and the other was a litter of half great dane/Irish Wolfhounds. I don't have a clue what is in the local papers here as of today's date,  I do know that the woman in the mountains frequently advertises her great danes with and without papers. She has many great danes, not all blues, I believe she also advertises harlequins and mantles. I ran a check on the name of the sire she gave me at AKC as a dog of interest. He is quite old if it is the same dog, and she has many dogs registered with different colors. I am not going to mention the kennel name but it has been around for quite some time. There is also a blue breeder down in Kings County area, I have seen their ads listed in the AKC classifieds.

So I have gone to the mattresses and have been doing DNA on my dogs. I know for a fact I have never personally sold a dog to this woman or I would have had it in my record books. I did sell a puppy back in 2002 to a partner of hers, and of course in the Arabian Horse club that I  used to be in, there was a woman whose Aunt raises and breeds Great Danes. I wasn't breeding Max back then, so I never caught the name of this past club members Aunt and I didn't ask her for the name. I do know that even back in 93, she didn't like my Max and was bragging on her Aunt's dogs. This is one reason why I no longer do clubs, and it is also a reason why I don't hold my enemies close like some folks do. I mean why bother with that type of socialization, because after showing me true colors over and over and over again, you just decide that these personality types need to be avoided. It is a shame that I had a litter of puppies at this time. It wasn't planned and as I have only had two litters of pups including this one from 2011 since 2004, and since for the most part, since I avoid people whose need to police others goes against my own personal beliefs, I am having difficulty with micro managers, working against me. NOt only of the puppies but in other areas of my life where they seem to think they can stir things up, and reopen cases, or even non cases for me to deal with because they just can't stop policing others. I am speaking of a soon to be defendant who got wrangled into calling here unbeknownest to them about a matter that had been resolved over a year ago. And it wasn't my matter to resolve, which is why they are now on the fast track to becoming a defendant. Oh well !

I wish I had not deleted my Fantandane blog but I am sure I still have emails and phone bills on just 'one' incident that occured a few years ago.

I also just noticed that my gmail account has been holding onto some photos I took on my cell phone and then sent to myself so I could send to potential buyers on request. I pulled up the photo on my desktop, and a windows fax photo viewer also pulled up, I tried to browse the photo and it was really weird. It had photos of an arabian horse doing the Tevis Cup, a couple of Vitamins I had been searching for on the internet and ordered, and some other stuff that has nothing to do with me, or does. It was really weird, I had recently been to AKC, the vitamins were the weirdest of all because I had searched for those last week. I had to release it from my quarantine folder just to receive the photos, and google has been slowly sending me the photos I want to save. I guess it might be a worm. I remember a couple of weeks ago, a woman telephoned me about the pups, I sent her a video, she said she received it, and tried to come here to see the pups, but that my album was propagating. So someone is seriously trying to work against my efforts. Hey, do you think that if they think it is ok to confront people in pet stores who crop their dogs ears, that they would push the envelope this far? Another new thing is back in 2008 when I advertised in a Santa Barbara Newspaper, the paper had to confirm that I had a litter, someone or some organization was placing ads claiming to have a litter of pups and then scamming buyers. Another scam that has been reported on websites that advertise dogs is where they try to get you to cash a cashiers check or other using your money for more than the amount of the deposit or price of the dog. I think that there are a few organization that might take things this far, especially if they save the lobsters for instance!

In the news the other day, someone if campaigning for the use of computer generated chimps in movies because the use of animals is considered barbaric or whatever they said. Something to do with cages etc. I wonder what they think of Zoos... Or maybe I already know, maybe the young man who fell into a tiger's pen, I forget what animal pen he fell into, and died or nearly died a few years ago may be an oout of work computer graphic genius using what he knows about these extremists to his advantage, again a means to an end and this one has a dual agenda or only one agenda out of work, but using a cause to make a case.  I don't know, I sat on a jury one time and got accused of having a criminal mind by a woman whose brother was a police officer of close.

Signing off.



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