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Blue Diamond Great Dane V. Fan Tan Great Dane
Monday, 16 January 2012

The litter is a bit smaller. Our brother got ahold of something and had to be put down. It has been reported to AKC and so his litter application is no longer available.

We have had 4 shots, and only need one more DHLPP shot to complete the series.

 We are doing great on housebreaking although we do need a puppy proof house because we are exploring.  Everyone is into Fluff Mania !! Even Great Grandpa has been Fluffing the couch, and a large pillow got fluff mania'd in the middle of the night along with our doggie bed. Everyday I am cleaning fluff off the floor.

I have been busy keeping updated at MedScape on several interesting subjects and have passed with flying colors, the certificates are in the mail. I don't know how many more hours I need at this point in time to get in my 30 hours.

Also have been busy researching several other subjects which hopefully will not need to be filed.  I already have another form to send to AG here in California about a matter that they had already been informed of back in Nov. 2010.  I didn't open up a file on this problem back then, wish I had but I do have the returned letter from the DOJ and that is included in this new complaint. It has to do with something that I am not even a party to, I just inherited someone's phone number, and for some reason, the people even after being written a letter or whatever the DOJ does keeps passing it off to other people. This last one laughed about me asking who Receive Service of Process they didn't know. And then when I asked what prefix they were listed in, it isn't listed in the phone book they laughed again. Then I said after they couldn't tell me who receives service of process for thier business, no worries, AG will have that on file. They said more or less "Good Luck getting the name" Ok, I am sure the DOJ will have it as their name is listed in the new complaint. So right back ATCHA !! and Good luck when I file for restitution in Ct.


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