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Blue Diamond Great Dane V. Fan Tan Great Dane
Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sent DNA samples on Skylar and TJ last week. I am in the process of using DNA registration on my dogs. AKC will only DNA the dogs if they are registered.

Frankly back in 2008 and begining of 2009 there were three litters of great danes in the local newspapers. One was a woman with blues who lives in the mountains here in Madera or Fresno County, the other was a litter of fawns {?] in Tulare County and the other was a litter of half great dane/Irish Wolfhounds. I don't have a clue what is in the local papers here as of today's date,  I do know that the woman in the mountains frequently advertises her great danes with and without papers. She has many great danes, not all blues, I believe she also advertises harlequins and mantles. I ran a check on the name of the sire she gave me at AKC as a dog of interest. He is quite old if it is the same dog, and she has many dogs registered with different colors. I am not going to mention the kennel name but it has been around for quite some time. There is also a blue breeder down in Kings County area, I have seen their ads listed in the AKC classifieds.

So I have gone to the mattresses and have been doing DNA on my dogs. I know for a fact I have never personally sold a dog to this woman or I would have had it in my record books. I did sell a puppy back in 2002 to a partner of hers, and of course in the Arabian Horse club that I  used to be in, there was a woman whose Aunt raises and breeds Great Danes. I wasn't breeding Max back then, so I never caught the name of this past club members Aunt and I didn't ask her for the name. I do know that even back in 93, she didn't like my Max and was bragging on her Aunt's dogs. This is one reason why I no longer do clubs, and it is also a reason why I don't hold my enemies close like some folks do. I mean why bother with that type of socialization, because after showing me true colors over and over and over again, you just decide that these personality types need to be avoided. It is a shame that I had a litter of puppies at this time. It wasn't planned and as I have only had two litters of pups including this one from 2011 since 2004, and since for the most part, since I avoid people whose need to police others goes against my own personal beliefs, I am having difficulty with micro managers, working against me. NOt only of the puppies but in other areas of my life where they seem to think they can stir things up, and reopen cases, or even non cases for me to deal with because they just can't stop policing others. I am speaking of a soon to be defendant who got wrangled into calling here unbeknownest to them about a matter that had been resolved over a year ago. And it wasn't my matter to resolve, which is why they are now on the fast track to becoming a defendant. Oh well !

I wish I had not deleted my Fantandane blog but I am sure I still have emails and phone bills on just 'one' incident that occured a few years ago.

I also just noticed that my gmail account has been holding onto some photos I took on my cell phone and then sent to myself so I could send to potential buyers on request. I pulled up the photo on my desktop, and a windows fax photo viewer also pulled up, I tried to browse the photo and it was really weird. It had photos of an arabian horse doing the Tevis Cup, a couple of Vitamins I had been searching for on the internet and ordered, and some other stuff that has nothing to do with me, or does. It was really weird, I had recently been to AKC, the vitamins were the weirdest of all because I had searched for those last week. I had to release it from my quarantine folder just to receive the photos, and google has been slowly sending me the photos I want to save. I guess it might be a worm. I remember a couple of weeks ago, a woman telephoned me about the pups, I sent her a video, she said she received it, and tried to come here to see the pups, but that my album was propagating. So someone is seriously trying to work against my efforts. Hey, do you think that if they think it is ok to confront people in pet stores who crop their dogs ears, that they would push the envelope this far? Another new thing is back in 2008 when I advertised in a Santa Barbara Newspaper, the paper had to confirm that I had a litter, someone or some organization was placing ads claiming to have a litter of pups and then scamming buyers. Another scam that has been reported on websites that advertise dogs is where they try to get you to cash a cashiers check or other using your money for more than the amount of the deposit or price of the dog. I think that there are a few organization that might take things this far, especially if they save the lobsters for instance!

In the news the other day, someone if campaigning for the use of computer generated chimps in movies because the use of animals is considered barbaric or whatever they said. Something to do with cages etc. I wonder what they think of Zoos... Or maybe I already know, maybe the young man who fell into a tiger's pen, I forget what animal pen he fell into, and died or nearly died a few years ago may be an oout of work computer graphic genius using what he knows about these extremists to his advantage, again a means to an end and this one has a dual agenda or only one agenda out of work, but using a cause to make a case.  I don't know, I sat on a jury one time and got accused of having a criminal mind by a woman whose brother was a police officer of close.

Signing off.



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Monday, 16 January 2012

The litter is a bit smaller. Our brother got ahold of something and had to be put down. It has been reported to AKC and so his litter application is no longer available.

We have had 4 shots, and only need one more DHLPP shot to complete the series.

 We are doing great on housebreaking although we do need a puppy proof house because we are exploring.  Everyone is into Fluff Mania !! Even Great Grandpa has been Fluffing the couch, and a large pillow got fluff mania'd in the middle of the night along with our doggie bed. Everyday I am cleaning fluff off the floor.

I have been busy keeping updated at MedScape on several interesting subjects and have passed with flying colors, the certificates are in the mail. I don't know how many more hours I need at this point in time to get in my 30 hours.

Also have been busy researching several other subjects which hopefully will not need to be filed.  I already have another form to send to AG here in California about a matter that they had already been informed of back in Nov. 2010.  I didn't open up a file on this problem back then, wish I had but I do have the returned letter from the DOJ and that is included in this new complaint. It has to do with something that I am not even a party to, I just inherited someone's phone number, and for some reason, the people even after being written a letter or whatever the DOJ does keeps passing it off to other people. This last one laughed about me asking who Receive Service of Process they didn't know. And then when I asked what prefix they were listed in, it isn't listed in the phone book they laughed again. Then I said after they couldn't tell me who receives service of process for thier business, no worries, AG will have that on file. They said more or less "Good Luck getting the name" Ok, I am sure the DOJ will have it as their name is listed in the new complaint. So right back ATCHA !! and Good luck when I file for restitution in Ct.


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Friday, 30 December 2011

It is almost 2012. Hard to believe I will again be fumbling over dates on checks etc and writing down the wrong year.  I guess this why they created bank cards.

The puppies are doing well. The girls are seperated at night from one another in seperate pens. One male is doing exceptionally well and is sitting and staying until he gets his treat.  The girls are a little more impatient. They seem to recognize the differences in collars too.  There are a couple of times they have gone after the odd color collar wearer.  I have seen this in horses when I lived on my friends ranch years ago.  One pasture had all white horses in it and at feeding time they would run off the next one from the hay according to age.  The eldest mare ate from every other horses flake of hay and then went back to the front of the line where the first flake had been thrown. Then a bay mare was run into the pasture and they wouldn't let her eat at all. They kept running her off of her hay so she was moved out of the pasture and back into another area.

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Monday, 26 December 2011

Now Playing: Christmas is over.

For those of you who read this blog, and I am hoping it is very few.  I had a very quiet Christmas. You see, I lost my family members in a series of Train Wrecks begining in 1988. It has been one train wreck after another and now they are all gone. This is a good thing, because train wrecks are always messy.  People like to pull out their crystal ball and tarot cards and pretend they are mind readers. They throw suggestions at you and try to 'fix' things. They are generally in support groups and frankly that is exactly where they belong, in support groups where like minded individuals can wreck each other trains by derailing members of the support group with helpful insightful suggestions about the other support group members problems. This is ok, if they are in the same shoes, but generally no one walks in the same shoes or even on the same track, support groups are not multi-support, they only support one thing and neglect or forget that other people's circumstances are not like theirs based on demographics, socio economics, politics, education including number of years in school K-12, AA degrees, or BA/BS, Masters, or Doctorates,  majors or minors of course work studied and of course esthetics about dogs.

We did have a quiet Christmas. Optemus is doing well, and I will get to see him next Friday when his owner brings him by for his next shot. The pups think they are guard dogs now. One little pack of do not enter into our property. They watched the yardman clean up and followed him around. Another cousin of his told the girls to 'listen' and they listened and then sat. I was amazed because the boys are the ones listening to me not the girls. they are growing every day and while we are not Optemus, they are big. I tried to put my forfinger and thumb around one of the males wrists and I couldn't touch so their wrists are bigger then 6" around.  I haven't weighed them lately, they are very heavy and hard to pick up.  They love the barn, and are exploring every inch of it.  They like the rice bran I feed the horses and I am using the tiny bite size pieces to train them to sit.  I know this is a strange blog and not at all about the puppies, which isn't good, but, that is life. When someone emails me to as me if I will take 700.00 off the price of a puppy, and then gets huffy about it, and finally tells me in a half sobbing way that they put a deposit down with a breeder who breeds many different colors of danes, and has lots of puppies each year but that for the price the emailer offered they don't get a choice of sex, color or whatever, I think something is fishy.


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Thursday, 22 December 2011

This has been the strangest year yet. People are sending me Christmas Cards quoting bible passages about Christ Dying. Hey, I don't know about the rest of the Christian World but on Christmas I celebrate his Birth not his Death. Coo, coo, and very mixed up.

The puppies had thier 3 rd DHLPP shot, this time when I reordered the vaccine Progard was available and I am so happy. So I have ordered two boxes of 25 doses of DHLPP shots. One thing I did note was that the Vanguard for some reason or was it the Galaxy at any rate one of them can't be sent to MN. something about the live culture in the vaccine. Weird.  Progard has been the best and it is made by Schering Plough Animal Health.

This is also turning into an exercise of wills against wills. There have been alot of people who are unable to care for their horses so ASPCA is stepping in and taking the animals away. No one is giving an inch. ASPCA is then begging for donations. One of the local news channels is giving a whole 30 cents to ASPCA if you press like on their facebook page. BIG whoop. This is also a hot button political issue and the people who are pushing this animal crap are in Sacramento pushing a political agenda that looks more like a blueprint for socialism then democracy.

I will also add here in this blog, that when the taxpayers voted for a high speed railway between so cal and no cal, I don't think that anyone intended for the CDCR to hijack the funds and begin running the railways off the course/route between two correctional centers here in the Valley. Thank God that got stopped, by a savvy business person. It was begining to look like an emergency response system for the prison system just in case they bull baited inmates into rioting against them. Personally I am at that point too. Way too many controlling people in this world and it isn't doing anyone any good anywhere.

At least some Macy's commercials have rid themselves fo the Red Star and are now using a White Star in thier ads. Can I say subliminal messaging enough ! I think everyone was seeing red stars and boy has the message to the people been sublime.

Take Care,


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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Now Playing: A dilemma

Getting censored on a website or any technology that you pay for with your dollar.

Where do the Socialists draw the line? Let's see, They loudly protest about people with an income that is higher than their's but they love to take the money from people who DO NOT Share thier viewpoints. I don't think they are happy people because their need to be in control is never satiated even when they get thier own way. They are stuck in a rut and the wagon wheel cannot jump out of the same ole same ole track. The problem is that this impacts the reactions of other people that they interact with in their lives.

I had another post for this written and someone whose computer skills are bigger than mine, decided to knock me offline, and I lost the post I was writing. If you don't like the opinions of others, don't take their money.

Contrast BYB and Puppy Miller's.

Millers always have dogs available and they have huge kennels so they are more apt to deal with you when it comes to bickering over price.  I am not even going to say BARGAIN. So kick butt attitudes will result in kick the dog instead. Personally, I would rather slap the crap out of them for using sob stories to get a better price.  Maybe that is why, Miller, told them that ok, at that price I will pick the pup, of my choice not yours, and you can't have a say in the color, gender, age or whatever. So it appears to me, that Miller is also tired of Kick Butt Attitudes.

My publicist mind told me to erase that sentence. I am not known for my People Pleasing ways and I am out spoken.

At any rate, every morning and night that I feed the horses, one puppy will decide it is their turn to assist me. Their treat for this is a small handful of rice bran. They love it.


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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Today I used the Dremel on the puppies front toe nails. They were pretty good, some needed to see what the Dremel was, and some didn't like having thier feet restrained, but I made it through and they got cookies.  Holly watched, and everytime I went to bring in another puppy, Holly, TJ and Grace stole the cookies off of the end table.  Luckily they also drop on cue. I don't like thieves in dogs and I don't let them keep their stolen goods so they can't get reinforced for stealing. 

Last night we had a freeze warning so I picked the Myers Lemons off of one of the small trees and sliced them and dried them in the oven to store in a tin.  I learned about this idea from Food Network, Giada, and want to thank her.  The slices are really tart with the same myer lemon flavor and they should store well.  It makes it easier to avoid freeze issues if the fruit is ripe enough to pick before it dries out.  Especially with myers since their skin is so thin. 


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Friday, 2 December 2011

Yesterday was a blustery day here in Tigger Land. {RCA bounces like Tigger} The electricity went off and on so many times the Dish had to reload over and over again.  I missed The Chew. Then the power went completely out. That means no water here because the pump runs off of electric. 

The pups flying saucer pans really turned into flying saucers. The dog house kept moving around in near circles,  luckily it didn't take flight. The pups were brought into the house, and with the TV off and all the power they went to sleep. Around 7 PM the electricity came back on thank you PGE.  There are people in the Clovis area that are still without power.  The morning news showed horrible footage of LA with streets lined with fallen trees. They reported wind up to 105 mph. 

I went outside and saw that several branches from the eucalyptus had broken off, one is lying across the dog kennel and needs to be cut up for firewood. The corners of the property are filled with tumble weeds and the ground looks like cement where the wind blew the top soil, not really top soil thanks to water issues in the Valley, but dust.  I have seen worse, so it isn't that bad.

I was waiting for the wicked witches house to land on the house but I don't have her ruby slippers here.  The triple pane windows were trying to rattle and there was a vibration on the inside panes on the sliding door. The Guaranteed to Rust Bells were clanging wildly. The Orange County register posted about the Best in the OC for margarita's yesterday anywhere in california was the best place for margarita's or a nice gin and tonic with a slice of lime.  who cares. The cell phone was losing power and I was happy I had a cell phone charger for the truck. Somewhere there is a trash can of mine that blew out of the ditch and off who knows where, I guess it will never be seen again.

And today I am remembering a paper I wrote for a folk lore class time capsule, where I wrote about how my dad's family worked in the Oranges until 1980. Today because of the water issues I was reading about, I am remembering how a cousin worked in the grapes, and guess what, ag isn't using as much water as they continually report in the news with their scare tactics reports to grab water from the Valley. In fact one of the biggest users is the Industrial areas of California including a semi conductor.  So now I am wondering if the recycling waste water is being used for the purpose of cooling a semi conductor. I know they have brought recycled waste water to Kings county for the farmers/dairymen/ranchers to use to water the crops, but is it also being used for the semi conductor? Just wondering since it is and will remain an issue for the Bay Area smelt who are dying because of the waste that is getting dumped into the Bay and because they need fresh water to flush !


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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

It is cold and foggy here in the Big Valley. We have been reading online about some changes in the Great Dane Standard, but haven't checked to see if what is being passed around is correct or not.

Generally, and unless the GDCA Standard has changed, only blacks from blue breeding can be bred to blues.  Only Blacks from Harlequin breeding can be bred to Harlequins and I guess the Mantles.  Only blacks from Fawn Breedings can be bred to Fawns and Brindles. And of course black to black breeding.   I have never known or heard or read that any black can be bred to any color other then the same bloodline the black was born into.

I do not stud my dogs out anyway.  Although a lot of people ask or call or email me asking if I do, I don't.

Another rumor that I heard circulating is that you don't have to crop ears to enter into the show ring. That is also a new one for me.  I know that in other countries ear cropping has been outlawed, and I have seen dogs or pups from these countries stacked with the handler holding the ears above the head.  I guess you can and as the person told the other person asking about the ear cropping, the individual needs to be perfect in other areas. 

I have been trying to get these pups to stack naturally by raising the food bowl.  Some show person taught me that years ago, and it works. The pup learns how to stack with thier heads up.  I know there is more to stacking a dog or puppy, but I think this little step helps them to get the idea to hold thier heads up.

I have never made the claim that any of my pups are BIS BISS quality, but since they are AKC registered dogs they can be shown in AKC sanctioned events and classes. Maybe this BIS BISS is where many people get mixed up, I guess it depends on whether or not you want to use your dog for sport and recreation or really sail to the top of Great Dane World.

Signing off, I am missing Hot in Cleveland.  I hope Don Rickels stays on the show. It is a great comedy with a little vaudeville thrown in.


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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Now Playing: Two days before Thanksgiving

It is two days before Thanksgiving and I have a lot of things to do so most likely will not be blogging on the litter.

I had a phone call today and tried to send a link to my facebook page and videos.  I don't know how to use the phone the phone is doing just what it wants to do. Now I have another public video just so someone can see a video.  The puppies are getting bigger and they are not wanting to go outside in the cold. 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and keep the peace.


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