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Blue Diamond Great Dane V. Fan Tan Great Dane
Thursday, 15 December 2011

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Getting censored on a website or any technology that you pay for with your dollar.

Where do the Socialists draw the line? Let's see, They loudly protest about people with an income that is higher than their's but they love to take the money from people who DO NOT Share thier viewpoints. I don't think they are happy people because their need to be in control is never satiated even when they get thier own way. They are stuck in a rut and the wagon wheel cannot jump out of the same ole same ole track. The problem is that this impacts the reactions of other people that they interact with in their lives.

I had another post for this written and someone whose computer skills are bigger than mine, decided to knock me offline, and I lost the post I was writing. If you don't like the opinions of others, don't take their money.

Contrast BYB and Puppy Miller's.

Millers always have dogs available and they have huge kennels so they are more apt to deal with you when it comes to bickering over price.  I am not even going to say BARGAIN. So kick butt attitudes will result in kick the dog instead. Personally, I would rather slap the crap out of them for using sob stories to get a better price.  Maybe that is why, Miller, told them that ok, at that price I will pick the pup, of my choice not yours, and you can't have a say in the color, gender, age or whatever. So it appears to me, that Miller is also tired of Kick Butt Attitudes.

My publicist mind told me to erase that sentence. I am not known for my People Pleasing ways and I am out spoken.

At any rate, every morning and night that I feed the horses, one puppy will decide it is their turn to assist me. Their treat for this is a small handful of rice bran. They love it.


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