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Blue Diamond Great Dane V. Fan Tan Great Dane
Friday, 26 October 2018
Above and Beyond The Call.
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So I have not blogged in quite some time.  I did get the photo issue resolved through Pinterest.

 If I am blogging today it is because something has once again come up that is really getting my craw.  I received an email from someone claiming to be a Hacker who cracked my password for my email.  They were trying to 'Extort' bitcoin money from me within the next two days or they would send all my contacts and friends 'piquant' information regarding searches.  They had spoofed my email admin address for this site, they did not have the correct password so I was going to ignore them, but instead did a slow burn about the 'extortion angle'.  THE NERVE!!!

So yesterday, I received an email from a man looking for Blue Great Dane puppies.  I told him I am no longer breeding great danes and sent him to Hildydanes.  Then I ran a search on Hildydanes Kennels and found a questions along with some negative responses about Hildydanes from a decade ago. That puts the questions and answers in 2008 when I had my next to the last litter.  I went back this morning and there was no other date to identify the time frame of the questions and answers to see if they were related to my 2008 litter.

 The responses were nasty and the posters were 'clueless' about Hildydanes Box Hill AU.  They did not 'see' that Hildydanes had champions therefore they 'doubted' she had Champion Bloodlines. I tried to respond to the responses but I do not have a yahoo account so those responses went unanswered. 

When you buy an import a Dane from Hildydane Kennels into the USA, they come with their Pedigree papers, Microchipped and ANKC registration papers per Federal Laws for Freight Livestock Documents.  I am sure that AU itself has their own set of  rules they have to 'comply' with in order to ship dogs. There was no problem getting a duel registration on TJ aka Hildydane's Imperial Prinz from American Kennel Club.

 Sufficed to say, there are very few Great Danes available for sale these days, I ran a search in a few search engines and found barely none except for rescues. One breeder of fawns retired and from the look on her page she had only bred about 3 litters. 

Above and Beyond the Call.  Hard to find Marmadukes and Scoobies these days.  Want a Great Dane move to another country!!!   

Do Not Forget to Vote RED on November 6th, 2018!!!!! 

Posted by bluediamondgreatdane at 10:55 AM PDT
Updated: Friday, 26 October 2018 11:46 AM PDT
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