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Blue Diamond Great Dane V. Fan Tan Great Dane
Monday, 14 November 2011

Last night our aunt Holly did some role modeling for us.  She loves those scooby snacks.  We watched her everytime she was told that Good dogs, sit. And she did sit. She loves us and we admire her. So when we were told that Good Dogs Sit, we sat so we could get a scooby snack too.  Not all of us behaved, some of us were jumping up and trying to be first, but soon we noticed that only good dogs that are patiently sitting were getting treats, so we all finally sat.

We were worked on the command a little bit this morning. The boys are picking it up faster than the girls and are waiting patiently for their treat. The blue male with no white on his body except behind his pasterns, is the most patient of us all, then comes another big brother with a tad of white on his chest and his back toes. Then there is a little boy who is so patient he is overlooked. But we waited for our treat, becuase we actually like to compete.  None of us are on a leash or collar, we are in a circle group. 

I wish I had an application for the camera that adds things to our photos like brass buttons, caps etc. We could all be dressed in the USAF, USN, or PD uniforms. We could all be blue angels and look like Snoopy the ace fighter pilot in Charles Brown.


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