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Blue Diamond Great Dane V. Fan Tan Great Dane
Monday, 24 October 2011
First Entry in Blue Diamond Great Dane V. Fan Tan Dane Blog

I deleted my old Fantan Dane Blog and began this on on Oct. 2, 2011.  I have been busy caring for the pups and doing other chores necessary to the living in the land.

So a brief recap of events on the pups to date.

We had our nails clipped the first of second week.

Our mother Joy Joy has been really careful with us watching where she placed her feet.  What a conrast to that harle our owner used to own years ago.  The harle loved to stomp on her puppies feet, or at least that is what our owner told us in this blog.

We are really growing. We moved outside as soon as the weather permitted. We have been exploring the barn and we know how to get through the small opening in the gate.  We haven't discovered the big four leggers on the opposite side of the fence, and our owner is hoping that we never discover them. We only have good influnces in our environment, meaning Auntie Grace isn't going to model bad behavior for us to copy.

Joy Joy seems to like puppies with white toe socks on their hind feet. None of us has any white on our forefeet. One of us a male, has no white on him except for one white hair on his chest.  This week we will be getting our first 5 way vaccination, and our Choo Hooves and rope pull toys will arrive soon along with a toy football.

There are 5 males and 3 males in this litter.  It is our mother's first litter.  Some people have asked about us sending our owner an email and one person called her on the phone. We are being advertised in the hard copy editions of 4 California Newspapers.  Our Litter owner likes the old fashioned way of advertising. We are also located on and a couple of other dog advertising websites. We can go to new homes on November 3, 2011 which seems a little short to our owner, but after counting and recounting the number of weeks since we were whelped it is correct. She wanted to hold us until we were 60 days old. 

Our litter owner also added more space to her website in the hopes of uploading video.  She thinks she may have forgotten how to write the code for the .mov files, in fact she knows she forgot how to write the code as someone told her that .mov files can still be played in Quick Time Players. She hasn't had any litters in so long she hasn't kept up with technology and the new file extension, in fact she isn't even using java script, and has no clue what a CSS is much less .wmv or whatever file extension are out there in the modern world.  Things in techno world are more dynamic then the law.

Her pedigree generator failed a few years ago, and she reformatted her computer and lost the program to open the files that are saved on a CD, so she is working with the people who wrote the program and sold it to her back in 1999.  She hopes that NWPS remains patient and TIA's them.

Missy Blue Bayou is our grandmother, her photo is on our business card on both websites.

See you, it is time for lunch. 

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