Blue Diamond Dane & Fan Tan Dane Photo Album
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Inspector Von Maxwell Brownę April 1, 1991 - July, 2000.  
Inspector Von Maxwell Brown is DNA'd with AKC. Photograph Developed by Horn Photo, 1996; Fresno California. Horn Photos develops and prints all of my 35 mm Kodak film for Hoof Prints Equine Photography. I crop them, and have also printed a few for my Horse Show Customers. The customers choose the size of the proof photo they want to order. If there is a digital time stamp on these photos, it is a digital photo, most of the old ones are done using Kodak Gold 200 mm film.. Most of my photos taken on film are already cropped with my telephoto lens to prevent enlarged prints from looking grainy. However I do not consider this online photo album my portfolio, however it is my work and the work of the persons who bought puppies from me and show me how well their dogs are doing and growing. This album doesn't show a timeline from Fantan to Bluediamond, some of the photos of the pups and their adult photos are out of sequence, sorry for that. Newer photos are added to the last page, and then there are some from 2002 with my grandson and grandaughter playing with TJ when he was a puppy on the last pages. Of course the last page keeps growing, so there is never really a last page to this album.