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Blue Diamond Great Dane V. Fan Tan Great Dane
Sunday, 10 October 2021
The Search Continues
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So, I am still looking for a blue great dane puppy.

 I contacted a couple of people who looked like they had blue great dane puppies, but when I told them, I did not care if it was a male or female, { I have owned both, and therefore have no preference} and then asked them for the litter application registration numbers, they stopped communicating with me.  Either they are not AKC registered puppies or I don't know.  

It is quite a mess to try to find any puppies locally in Newspapers.  Every Newspaper I pulled up in the Classified Section, would link me into a website dedicated to selling puppies.

So I followed those links, and most of the time, you are dealing with a third party, not the breeder. 


I found out my old user name at Danes Online, and got a new password, but of course, the login is timing out on me, so I can't get into the Forum.

 I have never seen anything quite like this, and never knew just how bad, selling and buying puppies was going to get.

 It seems that there are still the old gestapo posts on some of the groups dedicated to danes, who are seriously, monitoring each and every little detail and post.  It is as if they expect you to salute them, and march in goosestep formation.  That is the attitude, I see when I read their posts.  All Hail, the Rescue Groups of the World, they are in permanent lockdown status, and think that by having you salute them like a they are Generals who rank is above you.  I am willing to bet they voted for Biden!    More on their 'attitude' in last paragraph.

Well good luck to them, their time will come.


I miss Gabe badly right now.  He used to watch me like a hawk.  He would peer around the corners of walls, and in doorways, and I miss that peek a boo play.


It doesn't look like Hildy is still selling pups or breeding.  The last post I saw from her was back in 2017, her children and grandchildren had posted a Birthday Party photo for her 84th birthday.

I am not that far behind her at 72 years old now.


Then there are the groups, who are saving the local dogs, they have posted in Big Capital Letters No Breeders Allowed.  Ok, when you actually learn and know what you are talking about after posting sorrowful photos of pups at the pound, and you think you are going to instruct an old breeder, it just, well, makes me walk away, not Salute you.  You are actually completely clueless about registered dogs.

I don't like any of the breeds you are overrun with anyway.  Most of them are pit bulls, or chihauha's anyway, not Great Danes, but you go ahead and judge. 

The two people I contacted about their litters were found on those pages, and as i said earlier, apparently they don't have the litter applications from AKC or will never have the litter applications from AKC, so they are automatically OUT!   I am sure, based on their past behavior, and interaction with me when I actually was still breeding, they have already got a mindset and a fabricated story in their heads and their tongues, and fingers wag like the gossips they truly are.  The problem is that they are the problem, they go after and harass good breeders, and can't see the difference, because of their blind hatred for breeder's.

Posted by bluediamondgreatdane at 9:02 PM PDT
Updated: Sunday, 10 October 2021 9:29 PM PDT
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