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Blue Diamond Great Dane V. Fan Tan Great Dane
Sunday, 12 September 2021
Looking for a puppy.
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So it has been awhile since i blogged anything to this blog.

So much has happened in my life since my last post to this blog.

Some author published a book using my 4 Danes of the Apopcalyspe photograph and it is in it's second edition.  Unfortunately he did not ask for my permission to use my photograph of the 2002 litter on the front cover of his book, and he removed my copyright from the photograph before he published the book.  The photo is not stock photography.

I contacted all booksellers involved in the sale of that book, and they removed the book from their stores.  

Amazon customers, rated it a 2 and did not like it at all.  I guess if he was in his second edition and the writing was lousey, my photograph made the sale for him.  The books were being sold for abt. $29.00 a piece, and I did not get any royalties from the sales of his books. 

You may have seen my rant about this on facebook, under my real name.


I also found breeders who were advertising their litter's using my photograph, and our dogs were not related.  I called them on their BS because of how dogs are being sold nowadays.  One woman said a Google programmer is the one who set up her website, and Google programmer is the one who used my photo to sell this womans litter.  The litter was in Maryland.  The woman became nearly irate, but she got a cease and desist letter anyway.   I contacted an attorney about my copyright on that photograph.  Even though the photograph is taken on 35 mm film and is not digital, DMCA laws apply, so as I find photos of mine, being used, I have them removed.  Since there seems to be an influx of people using photos to scam buyers, I especially do 'not' want to be associated with them.  In fact, scammers were becoming a problem with my litter in 2011, and one newspaper in San Luis Obispo, where I had run ads in prior years, would not even allow me to advertise in their newspaper.  The problem seems to have gotten worse, from what I am reading on fb groups for danes. 

About a week ago, I found two of my photos on a couple of pets for sale websites.  One man was using the photo to sell Euro Danes.  I contacted him, and told him, that the danes he was showing a photograph of to sell his litter, did not originate from Europe, they were actually from a Kennel in Australia.  Well actually TJ, Imperial Prinz did descend from a BISS, BISS UK, show dog and I crossed him on my American Bred bloodline.   I did not hear back from him.

Another woman, who oddly enough looked like she had an outline of a book on raising danes was also using the photo.  She had published books, and also oddly enough had photos of the same breeds, the male author who used my photograph on the front cover of his book.  He also had a couple of book on Labradors and Maltipoos.  I could not say anything about those books, because those books did not have one of my photos on the front cover. 


Back to my life.  I lost my last great dane Gabe on Aug. 7th, 2021.  I have no more danes and am missing them terribly.  I have been surrounded by Great Danes now full time since 1980's and this is the first time I am without a dane baby.

So now I am on the other side of the proverbial fence and looking at litter's of puppies to buy.

The world of selling puppies has changed drastically the past 10 years.  It is not like you can look up dogs in individual newspapers to call.  They are being advertised through huge pet sites, not even through kennel names or kennel websites.  

I know my bloodlines and their personalities so I am sure when I ask people what their bloodlines are, a red flag goes up in their minds.  I am looking for litters related to mine, specifically because I do know their grands sire and grand dams and where they came from etc.

I am not interested in breeding again either, I want a companion and I am very set on danes, instead of other breeds.

I joined some fb group that rescues, and has all the adopt don't shop warnings. {lol}, and the spay and neuter your pets rants, and guess what, even the dogs at the pound around me all seem to be bullies.  Every stinking one of them, and pit bulls are not my thing and never were, while my heart goes out to those dogs at the pound, I just am not interested. And frankly they way they post the dogs that are at the pound, I know I will once again be judged for not going to the pound to get a dog.

My mother died, in Nov. 2019 after a long illness at the ripe old age of 90. 

So yesterday and today I made contact with dane puppy ads and am waiting to hear back from one of them.  I talked to one man in Florida who woke me up at 8:15 AM, my time, and when I told him, he sounded a little judgmental that I was not up and about at 8 Am, while he had the luxery of being nearly noon when he called here and woke me up.  I had been up all night looking at puppies or trying to find puppies at one of my old haunts for danes at Danes Online.

I guess I am no longer a member of that, at one time Fan Tan Danes was even on their list of approved black dane breeders back in the 90's.  So, I tried to remember my user name for their site, and I tried to find my old photo album on their site, and came up with bupkis.  I did read several articles that had been recently written in their forum.

When I changed my name to Blue Diamond Great Dane, and bought this Domain Name, I did not notify Danes On Line about the kennel name change.  I used a combination of both Kennel names to sort out the Inspector Von Maxwell Brown Bloodlines to the Hildydanes Imperial Prinz Bloodline.  This may be why some buyers were showing up here when I had pups insisting my blue danes were actually black danes.  I got really tired of constantly being put on the defensive about my dogs, and my puppies.  I found myself repeating nearly everything to interested buyers who had heard gossip and did not know who I really was, or knew and just liked asking questions.   One of the things they tell new buyers is to ask lots of questions, and they gave them a list of questions to ask the breeder.



That is all for today.



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