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Blue Diamond Great Dane V. Fan Tan Great Dane
Thursday, 17 November 2011

I tried to post a remote update to this blog from my smart phone, only to realize I don't have a keyboard. So I will be posting that information today instead of yesterday evening.

We had our second DHLPP shot yesterday.  Our litter owner got a call from a local woman in Fresno whose friend told her about us.  She called and made arrangements to see the litter today. However, after talking to the lady on the telephone yesterday and finding out the woman has an 85# 5 and a half month old male Mastiff, she decided it wasn't the best fit for us. We are only 9 weeks old and weigh about 30#'s.  The lady mentioned she had researched the Great Dane Breed on Wiki, and said something about Wiki stating that the Great Dane's were really Mastiffs.  Our litter owner told her about the bas reliefs from 3000 BC, being seen as Mastiff dogs hunting alongside chariots may have been our ancestors but we are no longer that breed. Plus after reading many books on the Great Dane from Noted Authorities and Dane Handlers, Breeders, and Judges, those books don't just list the Mastiff or the Irish Wolfhound in our gene pool.  We are actually bred from several types of breeds not just two.

She is also remembering that a Golden Lab breeder in Sonoma, used to keep her puppies in runs according to age and size.  I dont' recall if she was breeding them as service or therapy dogs, just that that is how she kept them until they reached a certain size and age.

She had been noticing that our mother was dive bombing us trying to play with us and we were hiding under benches from her, so she has removed us from her because she doesnt' want us to be shy around other dogs. I wish I had noticed this behavior a long time ago, but I did not.

She also went to DOL and asked a question pertaining to our breed.  She had discovered a notice about Realigning Great Danes and placing them in the Molosser Class.  You can find the letter to AKC requesting that we are not realigned into a different class on the GDCA.ORG website.  She wrote to the AKC requesting that we not be reclassified, and added that she felt that novices to the breed have been misled into believing that Mastiff looking Danes are the breed standard, and that has never been the case.  That is just her opinion of course, but over the past 10 years she has been fielding questions about huge, big, danes and a lot of people have tried to compare us with the Mastiff Breed.  Out of exasperation with these questions and statements, she finally placed a couple of links on the Fan Tan Dane website to both the Great Dane Standard and the Mastiff Standard back in 2008.

Not much else to say today.

Will try to do a remote post again someday to see if I can.

Missy Blue Bayou.



Posted by bluediamondgreatdane at 3:30 PM PST
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