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Blue Diamond Great Dane V. Fan Tan Great Dane
Saturday, 12 November 2011

Now Playing: The littlest Girl went to a new home today.

One of our sisters went to a new home today in Orange County, California.  The lady who bought her knew a lot about great danes although she had never owned a blue dane before. She looked at our mother who was crouching down outside on the patio on her haunches and said she looked a lot like one of her old danes from days gone bye.

Our litter mom was scared to death to allow any of the adults near the people due to liability reasons.  TJ our Great Grandpa was noisy but sweet none the less.  Joy allowed the lady to pat her on the haunches.  Our parents have been off the property, in fact one day our litter owner took RCA to the vets and stopped into the grocery store. There was a lady parked next to her pick up and RC was in the back seat.  Our litter owner went into the store and when she came back the lady that was parked next to her truck was still there, so she asked: " Did he bark alot." The lady responded no, he was a perfect gentleman.  So our litter owner drove home, and when she got home and opened the door to the half seat behind the drivers seat, RCA had untied the cotton lead rope from the hook on his collar. So he kept himself busy and occupied while she was in the store.

WE are hoping everything will be ok.

Our new owner is naming the littlest one Celeste Ceour V FTD. I think that is how she spelled it.  I guess this may change if it is spelled incorrectly.

Miss Blue Bayou

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