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Blue Diamond Great Dane V. Fan Tan Great Dane
Monday, 7 November 2011

Now Playing: We are not even 9 weeks old yet.

We are not even 9 weeks old yet, and already our facebook ad has been showing blind harlequin danes, which is common in harlequins, being lead around by a merle dane.

Then there was a statement about how some blind great dane had it's eyes removed because it was blind.  Who does that ? Our litter owner never heard of that before, and why would a veterinarian pull out a blind danes eyes!  One thought is that it may have had cancer in it's eyes but another is that maybe there was a research project going on and they removed the eyes to find the cause.

At any rate, we feel that we are being worked against not with because no one considered our ages before they went into heroic mode.

We are doing ok, we are being taken back off of our milk replacer because it isn't sitting well with us, maybe it is the salmonella scare in pet food that the evening news mentioned, only that warning applied to humans not dogs. Of course at our age of 8 weeks, we wouldn't have any immunity built up like an older dog would.

We are still being compared with merle or blue merles and we have never had an ancestor that is a merle, with torn patches or black spots in thier coats in any of past litters. Merle's cannot be shown in the arena because it isn't a GDCA color.

Our litter owner is going to find the old ATT or PacBell joke and ask our prospective buyers to press various numbers on their phone keypad if they are Obsessive Compulsive, etc. etc. etc. poking fun at the various neurosis that the psych field dx people with. Our litter owner feels that neurotics have no business owning a dog because they are neurotic and that makes them too picky. about minor things, like a piece of hay showing up in an ancestor stool. Poor pup ended up at the vets because he liked to model and mimic the horses and ate alfalfa hay.



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