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Blue Diamond Great Dane V. Fan Tan Great Dane
Friday, 4 November 2011

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Last night we had a light rain and the temperature dropped about 10 degrees.  The nightime is now in the mid 40's, so our litter owner brought us into the house to sleep.

We were outside for a few weeks, just and were learning not to potty in the house and our mother was taking us into the yard to potty.

So now our litter owner is teaching us the command 'outside and potty'.  Our mother knows this command and so do the rest of our relatives. RCA our dad and his sister Holly and grand-aunt Grace know how to ring the bells that hang from the door knob to be let out.  I don't think we will get to that stage as we are going into the back yard not the front yard or into the garage. I hope we learn these commands.

Since we were always underfoot whenever our litter owner went to the barn to feed the horses she started teaching us the command to " Kennel Up" Our mother knows this command too, but we are not really listening to the command.  Now our mother is tricking us, she was going into the kennel with us, now she is going down a little alley and we run into the kennel.  Whatever works that is the philosophy here, and we are not getting under the wheelbarrel and in the way.  We have been sneaking into the barn, we are leaving our Choo Hooves on the barn floor, and dragging around the hay strings to play with.

Our litter owner posted a photo on some Dane website of our Great-grandmother whose ears were cropped. The ears are dirty but everything this woman does in candid shots, so it isn't the best. She threw a couple of us up on the couch with a white sheet. The white sheet slipped down the couch, without any safety rails.  The girls did pretty well but camera malfunctions with the digital camera were overwhealming along with the scare factor that we might try to leap off the couch onto the floor.

Our litter owner also found out why no one was receiving any photos, she had changed the settings in her email program to not send photos.  Finally a nice lady and she worked the bugs out by emailing photos of Steely Dan and Miss Blue Bayou back and forth until she found the correct setting.  Fantans Steely Dan is one of our ancestors, I think he is a great-grandpa like TJ.  Missy Blue is the great-grandmother. She was also learning how to upload photos to our facebook page.  They are silly photos and she is trying to learn how to use her smart phone.

Some man called today and asked about us.  Our litter owner and he talked for awhile about bloodlines etc.  He told her that there was some breeder in the area that used to have Blue Harlequins. Our litter owner told him that she has never had any blue harlequins, and hasn't had any black danes since 2000 or so.  She has to look it up in her breeder booklet where she records the new owners name, our colors and gender and their address etc. for AKC. She also told him that nearly all of us have very little white even on our chests. Our front feet are solid blue all the way down our toes. Some of us have some white toes on our hind feet, but none of us comes close to having a sock.  Just toes.  She needs to look up in one of her dane books the proper names for our physical attributes, like where are the withers, she knows that one because of the horses she owns. We have been really good around the horses in fact we ignore them. Holly wanted to help her feed and she loves to harass the horses because her Auntie Grace taught her and others in our litter that bad habit.  Our mother Joy Joy leaves the horses alone though so we will not be picking up any bad habit from her. Our litter owner is all about modeling good behavior.  In fact that is how she used to train our relatives. She would form a circle group and tell them Good dogs sit, and one by one they would sit because everyone wanted to be the first to get a treat.

Miss Blue Bayou


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