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Fan Tan Dane has been up and running since 1996 or close and this website began in 2002 when I imported a Blue Male Dane from Australia. Hildydanes Imperial Prinz was put down at the tender age of 11 in January 2014. Death reported to AKC, along with the puppies that I lost to the tainted back in Jan, February, and March 2012, which is why I pulled my long running ads back in 2012. Ads ran in several California Newspapers from Oct 2011 through to March 2012. and in AKC,, Pups and dogs . And the dog food companies lawyers repaid people who lost dogs and puppies to their tainted dog food and treat products using the price of a Rescue Dog, which doesn't apply to all dogs lost, but of course repaying people at those prices saves them quite a bit, instead of recognizing that not all dogs lost were rescues.
The next great campaign for animal not for profits. Please be sure to give your IRS Non Profit number to the people you request money from. There is a way to check your status on the IRS website to see if you are legitimate Non Profits. I have been begged for money on Facebook by these non profit organizations and I highly recommend that before you donate any money to them you check with IRS to see if they are a bona fide Non Profit with an IRS ID Number. I don't give, so I don't ask, but in lieu of what I discovered today Mar. 25, 2018 while searching for my website and finding that someone has once again taken it upon themselves to use my photographs which are copyrighted as their own and claiming their users/followers can use the photos on their blogs claiming my photos are his 'graphics' and using a partial of my kennel name to validate his claim, where they are paid money for it. Not only doesn't the man in Sweden not have permission to use my copyright photographs as they ARE NOT his Graphics, and suggest they follow him on FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and whatever other social media site his blog is a part of, but he has created a situation that is ripe for claims of 'False Advertising' while using a partial of my name Blue Diamond Great Dane V. I tried to contact twitter, but since I don't give out my mobile/cell phone number, I cannot even ask them to look at his twitter account for violations of their terms of service. More about this on my Blue Diamond Great Dane Blog. . Hopefully some of these illegitimate's will be weeded out and exposed for the phonies they are. We are already at war with one another after years of BS and for some insane reason they think I don't like my dogs, and want to Adopt from someone else's bloodlines instead of my own. Some have made the claim years ago, my dogs were just pets, not so, each one has a litter registration with AKC which means they can/could be shown at AKC sanctioned dog shows locally and any where else if they earned points to gain their titles.
Before you decide to Adopt and NOT Shop, please be sure they are legally registered with the IRS.
My Photos are not to be used without my permission, my email address for this domain all work. And to think that any photograph should be a part of anyone's political viewpoints on Adopt Not Shop does not apply to photographs. Actually don't bother to email me because I will search the web for my photos and can already state that No One has Permissions to use my copyrighted material from this website and claim it is theirs or someone else's kennel or dogs.
As not for profits benefit from free services, and maintain contact with the new adoptee's two legged parents, a written law needs to be written that they provide up to a year of food, vet bills, and other services which they enjoy by rescuing animals. If the animal is a horse, then hoof care for a year must also be provided.
Please pass this along, I think it is important that someone write a bill to pass at the State Level.
The idea was given to me twice over the last 10 years by a person interested in a dog for less then what I was selling them for. A free dog with a free bag of dog food.
Thank you so much for your input into this campaign. You were so right to call my attention to this via my telephone and online in 2011.. We are not 'affiliated' with the Blue Diamond Great Danes Kennel in Michigan and our bloodlines are not the same at all. I think I recall years ago reading their pedigrees and my dogs and their dogs _are not_ related at all. We have solid blue danes, while the Michigan Kennel has Blue Merles from Harlequin bloodlines and harlequins of course, and chocolate blue dilutes and are listed with the BBB in Michigan, They also breed Bostons Terriers according to a notation in a search engine from MI. Owner operator Tamara Curtis. I have not been networking with other breeders therefore I do not know their bloodlines, I was on a list where I gathered and exchanged information regarding pedigrees and added them to my now defunct or obsolete pedigree generator from NWSP, since I am no longer on Mailing lists.

Some Fallacies that Animal Activists and other Bullies believe: Breeders especially those who breed Purebred dogs or AKC or any other Registered dogs don't CARE, about the puppies. Add your own reason for misreporting and disemminating this kind of fallacy.
1. We can make more and therefore we don't care or even cry when a puppy or dog dies.
2. WE have so many dogs that we couldn't possibly CARE.
3. We are all out to rip you off and are only in it for the money.
4. We never spend any money on Veterinary Care. { We all have plenty of Money and therefore are out to get you}.
5. Only Rescuers can care properly for a dog.
6. We are only interested in Purebred Dogs or Registered Dogs, your mutt doesn't matter.
7. We have inferior Veterinarians, compared to yours, so only you have the right to judge who can or cannot treat a dog or cat.
8. That they are 'Entitled' to a 'free' dog or a Free Dog bag of Dog Food because of so many animals dying.
9. That the everyone who buys a purebred or registered dog is going to breed that puppy, therefore they won't spay and neuter their dogs. ****This one gets a star from me**** because someone actually called here and gave me crap because I didn't check my limited box when I sold pups. My reason is that if someone is going to breed a dog, they will do it whether or not the dog is registered or not, see comments below.
10. That a team is needed to check on people who pay for advertising team tagging the person selling puppies by telephoning thier homes, or Walking past their homes to see how many puppies are left in a litter. {Obviously, if the breeder says they have no more puppies, they are LIARS.
11. A FALLACY other Breeders Believe, that by playing by these rules you escape the onslaught of Bullying, by staying ahead of thier Game Plan, or playing their game. Because the way I think is that if you are going to 'Bully' the person sellng you a dog, you will most certainly bully that puppy.
12. That Mixed Breeds don't have physical anomalies or health problems, that only purebreds or registered dogs have physical anomalies and health problems.****Another Star quality Remark I have overheard throughout my years of not only breeding, but owning dogs since I was 7 years old.****
13. One other Fallacy, is that dog breeders have a ****"set terriority"******, much like a real estate salesperson, or other sales person, that is *****false****** as dogs are sold to other states in the union as well as outside of the US and also imported from other States and outside the US. There are NO SET boundary lines when it comes to selling puppies, you don't have to sell in your area, county or city. If there was a set boundary line for selling dogs and puppies, then online advertisers offering webspace to sell your puppies would be out of business along with the newspapers, and magazines catering to the sale of dogs.
14. Photographs of dogs and puppies should not be considered a part of your adopt don't shop campaigns because it is copyrighted material and not a dog or puppy, it is a photograph, not a live animal and of course can be used repeatedly by myself. You have also invited people to use images of Blue Diamond Great Danes at the end of your posts, on their individual websites or... This creates a false advertising' scenario, as there have been past reports of puppies using newspapers or other websites to advertise dogs and puppies which are not really available to the buyer, it has caused a problem in the past when I tried to advertise in a news publication in Santa Barbara Area because apparently they had people claiming to have litters and there were no litters and they were collecting down payments etc.
I truly feel "Violated" by individuals on the internet, who use my images, photos, etc, and claim them as their own. You are defaming my name, my bloodlines, my dogs and puppies, and you have absolutely NO Rights to my material under any circumstances.
Not all counties require that your dog or puppy have a microchip. TJ was microchipped in Australia because that was a requirement to import him to the USA and get him registered with AKC. Not all microchip readers can read the data on the implanted chip. So if you leave your area and move to another area, you might end up re-implanting your dog so that if lost the owner can be found.
Add your own Political Agenda or pet cause here. If any of these fallacies make you think I am addressing you personally, I am not, it is some of the False Thinking that many mailing lists and newsgroups and forums use. I had two more listed and forgot to hit save.
I have no clue who is having puppies for sale as I no longer Network with Great Dane Mailing Lists. So am truly out of the loop since 2004 except 2008 and 2011 litters, when I just quit networking altogether for various reasons. That means I have had 2 litters of puppies since 2004.Some of these statements are in response to the Rumor Mills or Gossip in Dog World and beyond.
Our goal since 1999 beginning with three generations of black to black breedings which produced two blues in 1999 and now are only producing blues great danes. Thank you to Hildydanes in Australia for sending me a great blue grandsire who has a gentle personality, a kind disposition, and who has a great pedigree from stock in the UK, France, Swiss and Germany. I love Hildydanes Imperial Prinz aka TJ for Tenth of July. AKC DNA tested and microchipped.
AKC Bluediamonds Joyeux Noel V Fantans. Died, Nov. 2014. Also have AKC DNA Analysis Certificates on Inspector Von Maxwell Brown and Fantans Steely Dan.

If you recently purchased a puppy or have purchased a puppy from one of my dogs, and have not ordered a 5 generation pedigree yet, AKC DNA numbers and testing will show up on your pups/dogs from Blue Diamonds Skylar, Died Oct. 17, 2014, Hildydanes Imperial Prinz, Joyeux Noel, Holly {Never bred}, RCA's N' Elf , Fantans Steely Dan, Inspector Von Maxwell Brown. Tests have been completed and are now available at AKC. I called Kit's Owner and she did not DNA test him. So there should be a 5 generation DNA Registration on each dog with the exception of 2-3 f/m.
In Short, there is a secure AKC recorded record for this line of blue great danes begining with Inspector Von Maxwell Brown, Lady Sophye was not done [I found the report I sent to UC Davis in my notebook, therefore I know that Sophye was not done] and sent into the UC Davis Genome Study, I guess I had given her back to her breeder before I swabbed the others. 2012 is the first year I began AKC DNA testing my females. Unless you are lucky enough to know someone at UC Davis who can find the records for the other dams or females in this line, but I did not use complete kennel names when I entered them in their Genome Study on June 15, 2002. Miss Blue Bayou was a patient at UC Davis in 2006 and she is entered in their study along with Sassy. DNA Tests that were done on this bloodline, include. the PE, Celera, MMI and now the SCIDERA which has a few more markers listed and includes the gender. And yep, you biology students XX is Female, and XY is a male. If you read the AKC.Org website about DNA testing I guess SCIDERA runs a seperate DNA test for dog breeders who claim their dogs are purebred, therefore, with DNA Registration Numbers, it is easy to prove where your puppy or dog came from. The cost for a SCIDERA is $40.00 apiece and you can order the test from AKC Store. I guess you can inquire about how to contact SCIDERA to DNA Test your purebred dogs. SCIDERA DNA identifies each dog/pup/female "individually" from their littermates and other dogs, therefore it is an 'individual' identifier.
I have not sent in a DNA on Grace died Nov. 2014, she is a spayed female from December 2003, and her bloodline is out of Sassy or Akerwoods Noheo Leale a Malia. {Spelling} Now if I can just get access to the UCDavis Genome study to compare with her grandam, and her dam Belle, I would be a happy camper.
FYI, the puppies I have sold in the past were 'spayed and neutered' by their new responsible owners who did not wish to contend with the problems of owning an intact male, or female, without me controlling them, and finally pups in the past 'were' also sold on limited sales.How do I know that they were spayed or neutered, because their owner's vet asked them to call me about 'tacking' their stomach to prevent bloat. I am saying this as there are many rumors that have been flown past me about this litter, like I never sell with a limited breeding checked. That is a false claim. I also would like you to know that not everyone wants to breed, and I am not in the business of controlling others as most people I have dealt with in the past were honest, responsible professional people. I am therefore INSULTED on their behalf by the person who called here harassing me about not selling dogs on a limited basis. I am an honest breeder, and my dogs sustain themselves. I only have one breed of dog and they are blue. I am not a rescuer, although one dedicated site thinks that since I picked up a pound puppy or two back in the 70's I am in that status because I mentioned it in 'one' post. The computer program that site uses is so good that when you write that you brought home a pound puppy it plays a little icon telling the world that you are now a rescuer, unfortunately, the little man that jumps around doesn't tell you that it was over 40 years ago. One reason Why I do not sell my dogs on limited registration is because the last time I looked into the Continental Kennel Club, you could register a dog in their club and breed and all you needed to apply to their club was two people certifying that the breed you were registering came from purebred stock. So of course it seems to be a futile effort, and I prefer to leave it up to the buyer to spay and neuter. There are a few other reasons, I don't sell the majority my pups with limited registration, but I want to thank the locals for bringing to my attention, it shows me that you are truly in some gang with one another. And when I ask you in person, How do you know that I don't sell my puppies with limited registration, please name the names of the person[s] who gave that information to you! Also when you call or email me regarding this litter, Please let me know the name of the person that referred you. I did have a problem with another breeder out of the area years ago who partnered up with another woman and they were stalking someone using my AKC online account and going through my breeding records looking at names of my buyers, we no longer speak to one another since December 5, 2007, as she is very much a histrionic personality and someone you really need to avoid, she lives and partners up with people from the Sacramento/Vacaville area, and yes she is one of the partners of a local woman here that also breeds great danes. My personal viewpoint is that if someone needs to find out who buys my dogs, it is up to them to contact the AKC and ask them for permission to view my records. It is a kind of Gatekeeping thing with me. There was one male puppy that I became very upset over the owner neutering him, but whatever, her vet told her the dog was in good health. Another reason why I am against neutering male dogs at an early age is because according to some study, it can cause bone cancer, I don't know it they have disproved that and science is constantly changing. But for the safety of my pups, I request the new owner wait until the dog is at least a year old. I know that sounds old school, as many veterinarians used to recommend that you spay and neuter at a certain age, but I think it is sound advice and I follow it.
[will write more when I remember all the 'insulting' local phone calls I have received in lieu of serious buyers]
I do not have insurance on my animals.

I DO NOT and have rarely sell puppies here in Fresno Area. I actually counted the number of dogs or pups I have sold in the Central Valley from Modesto to Bakersfield and the total count is 6-7 over the span of 18 years. { I keep records per AKC rules and regulations}.
Do not overfeed your great dane puppy, they grow slowly and will reach their optimal height without overfeeding them.
In an email, some fanatic actually complained that I was linking to PET Airways, when I myself did not ship my pups. How dare I have a concern for people and their animals who buy from other states or who live in other states where Pet Airways might fly. When my ads were running Pet Airways was getting a free link to their website so that others could contact them about flying thier pets, instead of using a commercial airlines where their pets ride in the luggage compartment.
One local caller, I do not advertise locally, also made an off the cuff remark, about "If I dared or was afraid to give them my address to see the pups" I am taking this to mean that they are aware of the past online electronic harassment on me back in 2007. I could not allow them to pick up a puppy as at the time, they had a 5 month old 85# mastiff pup, and these pups were barely 35# and only around 9 weeks old. Or perhaps it has to do with the demise of Miss Blue Bayou in 2006 and Steely Dan in 2007. Either way, it seems they were AWARE of me being stalked on Usenet years ago. Reflecting back on the year 2002, and the person online that was harassing me while obtaining a Ph.D from Illinois in Psychology, She attended some University in Michigan before moving to Illinois for her Psych. Degree. She is also the same person who found an ad at BAEN that I had placed back in 95 that included my address and telephone number. Still have the print outs to back ths statement up. I also have a new update on myself that may involve the USENET News Group era, circa 1997-2007. I found my name on Truthfinder last Oct. 2016. I had never run a check on my name before because I knew I didn't have a record, yet in 2002 about the time Kim in Canada, and Kymberly K were busy trying to stalk me on the internet a name which is a partial of my name appears on the truthfinder website, and it looks like it has been there since 2002. Not only is it not me, but I had to look up the area in Calif that this other woman is from, and in fact she is about 22 years younger then I am, yet Truthfinder has put her criminal record under my name but not hers. I contacted BBB re" their oversight.
As I stated earlier on this page, I have never felt more "VIOLATED" by persons I don't know, or who I no longer associate with.
The parents of the dogs I own and their grandparents that were alive were entered into the UC Davis Genome Dog Health Study back in 2002. TJ had not arrived here yet when I received the swipe kit from UC Davis.
Have a Great Dane Day!!
Blue Diamond Great Dane
Blue Diamond Great Dane and Fan Tan Dane Photo Album ©. Material in the Photo Album is Copyrighted and may not be used without permission.

Skylar's Grandaughter Leaps Into 2012 Angel was put down in March 2012. I was unaware of the Dog Treats being poisoned, and I was giving the pups dog treats to train them. I happened to see a post from ABC Investigative Blog about it and checked my dog treats, Dogswell was listed, also someone on posted something about peanut butter dog treats, I was using the DogsWell Lamb and Rice, and bought a new sack. The treats cause renal failure and these were pups. She was the third puppy out of the Sept. 8, 2011 litter that had to be put to sleep. I take them to my vet, and in Angels case she went to the Veterinary Emergency Services. However after events on Oct 18, 2014 which are not showing publicly on this website, I have revised my decision about the dog treats.
. Blue Diamond Great Dane Blog.

Serious Inquires Only!
I think it is important that dogs be shown by their breed standard, if you don't like the 'owie' factor of cropping ears, don't contact me. I think that Body Builders and Aestheticians should be harassed for waxing, and of course remember the owie of the bikini wax. Waiting until a dog is too old to crop, doesn't bring down the price of my dogs, if you live in the 559 area code, do not contact me. You can wait for one of the many cross bred or blue bred dogs from so many of the local breeders. I have heard in some dog groups that patrons who walk into some Pet Stores with dogs or puppies with cropped ears have been harassed by worker bees who smile and tell them "What a beautiful puppy, too BAD it's ears are BROKEN". This in your face attitude about AKC registered dogs owners who are clientelle and patrons to these business' seems to be uncalled for, and although I don't crop my dogs ears, I have cropped two Great Danes from a 1999 litter named Fantans Miss Blue Bayou, her photo is on the business card, and Fantans Steely Dan, I still support those brave owners who show their dogs and buy from these employees and business'. I don't believe in pet owners or breeders being Spanked, especially in establishments where the patrons put food on the employees and business' owners tables. None of my dogs are cropped at this time, but I reserver the option to crop at will according to my vets guidelines. I remember when I first cropped a puppy, it was Fantans Miss Blue Bayou and Fantans Steely Dan, I was scared that the crop would injure them or worse look awful. But at 11 weeks old they were cropped and since I allowed my vet to take care of the aftercare, their ears stood up nicely and it wasn't the ordeal I thought it was going to be. They looked beautiful. Well, of course Missy didn't like going to the vet, but then again what dog does!
I have sold to veterinarians in the Sacramento area, and other professionals and some para professionals. It is rare that I sell a dog locally in the 559 area code.
Blue Breeders in the Area include, a kennel named Orion Maximus, she also breeds other colors, then there is Harlequin Acres Breeders of Harlequin Great Danes, and Richard or Christina Lucero,[ who I sent a notarized letter to years ago after selling them a black female great dane in 1996 and that was the last time I spoke to them], June and Andy Isola, I think June said her Kennel name was Omega Danes Last time I spoke to June was on Dec. 5, 2007,[ last time I talked to June she was starting an internet website catering to the sale of dogs] and of course Jaki or Jaqui who owns Harlequin Acres who is a friend of an old friend of my deceased husband, their names are John Thomas and Vicki Baker also known as Foogie [her maiden name is listed for foogie], who uploaded the Four Danes of the Apopcalypse to a website that has free wallpaper downloads on December 24, 2012 @ 22:45 hours. I did not discover that the photo had been used in this manner until, Nov. 22, 2013 That photo had 3699 free downloads, and I had no clue they were still stalking me until I was looking at photos online of other danes. I then ran a search on the user name and discovered who was behind the download and upload of that photograph. actually what drew my attention to it was when I started seeing pins of my photo on pinterest and then began researching the source of the photo because it wasn't from my pinterest account. I also call her Ms. Lancelot because she lanced an abcess on her then boyfriends horse under her jaw. The horse was purchased from a local vet in Tulare, and that isn't all of the gossip that surrounds this event. She did the same thing to her then boyfriends wife getting her fired from her job after 14 years of service, and was helping him out because he didn't have the money to take care of Rosie, so she came up with a really bad idea, leaving a gaping hole that was constantly dripping saliva from the horses jawline. Now that I have been back in the Fresno Area for 20 years, I suspect she is a member of the Bulldog Gang because she lived on the West Side of Fresno. Not certain, but most likely it is truth. What do you and John Frazier and John Thomas Baker not understand about leaving me alone? FYI, Frazier and I had known each other long before you were introduced to him, because of his association with my ex husband. [They grew up together in Costa Mesa] and that is since 1969, I know more about him than you do my dear and we parted company long before his friend died. Had his friend not died, he would have been out of my life for pulling his crap in 1987 at my home in Porterville, and even before that. He also tried to contact me via email on April 18, 2011 @ 4:57 pm, I still have the email, to give me information that I already knew about via the old grapevine in Costa Mesa. I have a print out of the website where she uploaded the photograph, and should take further action with the VA who is failing at their jobs to keep obsesso in line. That is what that man does, he uses other people to keep track of his exes, including his ex wife in Chico with an ex co-worker who went to school with him, and his ex girlfriend from Costa Mesa followed by John Frazier from Costa Mesa. So I am not sure what your problem is Dawn, but someone needs to send you a message to stay away from me, and my family. still wondering if the car wreck my granddaughter was in over on the coast was a result of Frazier and Baker in 2011, because of what the email stated about moving to the coast. I am also saying this because of the threats to harm my daughter, my granddaughter and my horse and my father back in 1995 from her new hubby andf because he threw a siamese cat in my face while I was sleeping. I changed my phont number 5 times that year, and 5 times the VA called me up and wanted me to come down there to discuss their client. It also seems like it is necessary to periodically announce these things to the locals just to remind them to close their ears and put a sock in it as they seem to have a long and short term memory loss problem. [ That was before Privacy Manager and I had to load up my telephone to get some of it to cease as even anonymous call rejection was not working.] I have no idea how the man was getting my private unlisted phone number, it may have been through Frazier or he could have been using other sources since he was a student at San Joaquin College of Law program for paralegal, or maybe it was something he learned as a building inspector on how to get into locked complexes to check off new buildings and codes. I am not in touch with them, yet I think that you have been keeping tabs on them too since she attended college at San Luis Obispo where Frazier decided to retire in Santa Maria. HIs other long time friends know how I feel, and they respect that, but for some reason you just don't get it. And that isn't all of it.You weaseled your way into CDC via Kathryn whose mother lost her job because of your antics. Last heard from 1995, and the bane of my existence in the Central Valley since I moved back here in 1994. I met them through someone that boards horses, in Woodlake back in 1993. Sufficed to say, we are not on speaking terms, never will be, and there has been legal trouble between all three of us and it is not over dogs. I thought it was strange for one of the locals in my area to take out a full page ad when he got divorced in the local rag announcing that the divorce was final, now I know why it is a necessary step in this area to announce those private things. So consider the source. All three breed Harlequin Great Danes and Chris and Richard breed parti colors like the Fawniquins and bluequins, and S'ville aunts dogs which are black, and there are a few more breeders in the Clovis area, and the Lemoore Area who breed blue and blacks, none of those dogs are related to mine, and if they are, it would be so far back it wouldn't show in the pedigree.
Finally, If you are an acquaintance or old friend of mine or an ex, who is on blocked senders or whose phone number has been blocked, do not contact me from the local area, your cyberbullying is well known, even in the dept. of education, and do not USE others to contact me in anyway shape or form, this valley is smaller than people outside of the Big Valley Realize. Think of us as a small Island. I don't hold the premise: Hold your friends close and your enemies closer like many of my old horse club buddies do, and I was in 4- Region II Arabian Horse Clubs, and 1 Region III Horse Club, I know people through an old Arabian Horse Breeders 2 Arabian Horses and one quarter horse put down for old age. My new farrier was a no show. We had rescheduled the appointment and I had already gone to the super market to get Cash, because that is the only way to pay him, he does not take checks, the Appointment was for his birthday, so we cancelled it for a couple of days. I telephoned him at least 4 times, in fact he hung up 2x, I tried again to see how much longer he was going to be before he could get here and I didn't say anything but I could hear him and his friends in the background laughing and talking and he never showed up, because I had to do other chores like buy dog food, I left after 3 hours of waiting for the FLAKE mid august, 2014. I tried to get ahold of a couple of other farriers who never telephoned me back, so the horses are going to be put down. Their old farriers that had worked with them for over 10 years, were Masters at their Trade, and they take checks. I should have known the way he was going on and one back in June about how it was going to cost me more money if I didn't keep the appointment, but the truth is that he is the one who didn't keep the appointment. The younger generation are not Masters of their trade and worse they are unreliable and irresponsible. I did look up his name and ran a search on him, he had a DUI so has to be carted around, probably lost his drivers license. Worse, and I am not certain if his girlfriend is my old neighbor from 1998 to 2007 or 08. She owes a neighbor money because her son stole civil war memorabila and she taught him that 'cats' are considered 'Livestock". [no joke cats livestock] My neighbors cats wander into and on my property, my dogs are never out of their backyard, I have a fence surrounding the outside perimeter and they are also fenced within the fence or in the house. So if she is involved it might be her red neck justice showing its ugly face. Even more worse, they run an animal Rescue, and he knew that one of my horses had a diagnosis of Cushings and is also stifled, I have owned her since she was 5 mos old in 1988. I won't sell them to the sale yards because I used to go to the sales yard in Dinuba to buy tack, I still have my auction number. I have owned the mare since she was 5 months old back in 1988, I put her mother down the summer before last now her because of the unprofessional younger breed of farriers and smithys. My daughter showed Saddle Seat for 6 years, and I began showing western pleasure and trail and halter horse and other arabian classes in 1989 so while I haven't been around as long as some of my old club members in 4 arabian horse clubs or the old AHSA, I still have over 30 years under my belt. which means the farrier was a 4 years old when I began owning horses. I set the appointment up 8 weeks later and you can read above, it's pretty bad when Rescuers use their skill as farriers to get Freebies from owners. I was stupid enough to let her know about a pro trained arab mare that was a steal and got her into the Arabian Horse Club Scene. Group that used to be around, and some of the people have moved into Quarter Horses. I prefer to stay as far away from these people as possible and once bitten twice shy applies. The locals have a very bad habit of trying to run other peoples lives for them based on what they think is correct, unfortunately, their situation and mine are not in step with one another, therefore, their attempt to run my life has failed.
You may be asking why I am mentioning this in the Summer of 2012.

Thank you and Have a Great Dane Day !
Blue Diamond V Fantans Great Dane.

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Skylar's first litter 2008.


Blue Diamonds Skylar. Dam Fantans Miss Blue Bayou. Sire: Hildydanes Imperial Prinz [Imp. AU] Whelped on July 19th, 2004. Age in photo: 6 months.

Skylar at 4&1/2

Skylar will be 5 years old July 19th, 2009.
Skylar will be 9 years old July 19th, 2012.

Fan Tan Danes.

4 Danes of the Apocalypse 2K4

Photo taken February 12th, 2004, Four Danes of the Apocalypse..

February 12th 2004.

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